How To Promote Your Music

Promoting your music is known to be one of the difficult task in being a musician or singer, most especially being an independent artiste with no record label signing yet.

It is one thing to make a great music and it is another to promote them

Finding the right and huge audience to listen and stream your song is known to be difficult and seems “not going well”

If the above is what you are facing currently, worry no more, we have researched and prepared different ways on how to promote your music while still waiting for a record label to sign you or you want to be an independent artiste.

sit back, relax and let’s dive in,

1. Grow and Build Your Social Media space

Social Media has come to stay, from being a space to connect to your loved ones to campaigning for change in our society today.Musicians has captured this platform to promote their new song or albums.

Even up-and-coming artistes are being discovered in this space.

Having a huge social media following is equal to having a huge audience listening to your music.

Examples of the social media platform includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and most especially the trending TikTok ( which has recently been used by upcoming and even big artistes to promote their songs)

How to grow your Social Media platform for promoting your music

To grow your social media platform, you need to be consistent, consistency is the key here. You can be posting at least three contents every week on all your social media platforms.Doing this, makes you get engage to your fans , and again ensure your contents are good, unique and entertaining, nobody wants to listen to craps.

You can engage your fans into your music or contents, for example, creating a #challenge, because this is the new trending way of promoting a music using the TikTok platform.

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2. Reach out to Radio stations

This might be a old method of promoting your music but trust me, it is the most effective way.

You can reach out to Radio stations in your locality, telling them you need your music broadcasted in their station, they might ask for a fee.

Promoting your music through Radio stations gives you a wide range of audience, anyone , anywhere will be listening to your music when it’s been aired in the Radio station.

3. Reach out to Blogs

You can reach out to Blogs, who writes about Latest Music droppings or promote music for up-and-coming artistes, you can contact big blogs in your locality or nationality for promotions which might cost a fee.

4. Build Your Own Website

Getting your own website makes it easy for people to locate you on search engines. You can also be your own blogger, yeah you heard be right, write blog posts about yourself in your website.

Your website should also contain links that will direct your fans to the streaming platforms your song is being hosted.

Also make sure the site is well optimized for easy crawling of search engines like Google.

5. Reach out to Podcast

Podcast is now a new way of passing information and entertainment to people. You can reach out to those podcasters just the way you reached out to Radio stations.
They can help you in promoting your music to their large audience.

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